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Air Show Performers

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Dan Reeves Air Shows


Undaunted Airshows


Erickson Collection

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Yellow Thunder



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Insanity Jet Car

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Geronimo! Skydiving Team

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FMX Show


GoEz Aerobatics

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The Manhattan Dolls

Dan Reeves Air Shows

Super Decathlon

The Super Decathlon is a two-seat aircraft designed for flight training, personal use and is capable of sustaining aerobatic stresses between +6g and -5g. The Decathlon entered production in the


United States in 1970 as a more powerful and stronger complement to the American Champion Citabria line of aircraft.

The Decathlon was designed by the Champion Aircraft Corporation, and is a derivative of the 7-series Citabrias. Pilots wanted an aircraft capable of more maneuvers, and Champion introduced the 8KCAB Decathlon in response to this demand.


Aircraft Performance

  • Maximum speed: 155 mph (249 km/h)

  • Cruise speed: 141 mph (227 km/h)

  • Stall speed: 53 mph (85 km/h)

  • Service ceiling: 15,800 ft. (4,800 m)

  • g limits: +6/-5

  • Rate of climb: 1,280 ft./min (6.5 m/s)



Erickson Collection

The classic P-51 Mustang is one of the greatest success stories of military aviation. Originally designed for Great Britain, the North American fighter was adopted by the U.S. Army Air Force and upgraded with the powerful, reliable Rolls-Royce Merlin which powered the Supermarine Spitfire. With altitude, range, and performance, the Merlin Mustang became a world beater.

Ironically, the P-51 owed its existence to a Royal Air Force query for North American to build Curtiss P-40s at a time when British forces were being pushed off the European continent in 1940 and badly needed additional armament. North American proposed a better performing aircraft and quickly drafted the NA-73.


FARS - Canso

Canso PBY-5A C-FNJE started its life as RCAF11094 and had its first flight in 1943 as a patrol bomber during WWII.  After the War, it was converted for civilian use, mostly as a water bomber to help fight forest fires first in Newfoundland and later in western Canada.  


In 2001,while fighting fires in the Inuvik, NWT area, it started taking on water while loading and sank in about 100 feet of water.  It was floated to the surface and pulled to the north east shore of Sitidgi Lake where the engines were removed and salvaged.  The aircraft, according to the Aviation Safety Network, was written off.

GoEz Aerobatics

Kyle Fowler


Kyle’s plane, the Long EZ, is the perfect combination of comfort and style. Though not capable of aggressive aerobatics the Long EZ makes up for it with its unique look in the delta wing canard design. This small tandem seating airplane has an impressive range of 1000nm and cruising at speeds of 160 knots.


Engine:                      Lycoming IO-320 160h

Empty Weight:         920lbs.

Cruise Speed:          160kts or 184mph

Max Speed:              200kts or 230mph

G-Force Limit:         +5G and -2G

Fuel Capacity:          52 gallons

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Undaunted Air Shows

The Team

Undaunted Airshows is a Pacific Northwest airshow team in this 3rd year that goes by call sign “Orca Flight”. This two-ship formation/aerobatic team demonstrates fluid aerobatic formation flying, dynamic head-to-head merges and dog-fighting like rejoin sequences.


Stephen Christopher flys the lead pilot position and Todd Rudberg flys the wing position. Todd and Stephen began flying together in 2010 with the Blackjack Squadron. Stephen is a leader in the formation flying community and has flown in air shows with the West Coast Ravens and the Lightning Formation Airshows. The team flys the extremely popular Vansaircraft RV series of homebuilt sport aircraft.

Yellow Thunder

The Routine - Solo and Formation Aerobatics

The foundation of our aerobatic manouvers is from the RCAF. They were manouvers that were taught to advance the pilot’s hand and foot coordination with the airplane. They are also foundation manouvers for dogfighting, which would be used in the next airplane the student would move onto; usually the P-15 Mustang, the Spitfire, or the Hurricane.

The formation content in our display is used in pilot training, both pre and post war. Formation tactics are taught to this day. Our formation demonstration moves past what most military students are taught and include aerobatics. Formation aerobatics is demanding on both the pilot and airplane. The wingman, during our formation loop, for example, has to travel an extra 550 ft (167 metres) because of his positioning on the lead airplane. Considering the airplanes start the loop at 85% power, remaining power in insufficient to maintain formation.
Our demonstrations include, depending upon weather, a combination of:

  • Aileron rolls

  • continuous rolls

  • loops

  • barrel rolls

  • cuban-eights

  • formation loops

  • formation barrel rolls

  • formation banana passes

  • bottom-side pass

  • opposing pass

  • hammer-head

  • formation rejoins

  • a tail chase

  • lots of smoke

Enjoy the presence of the Harvard while you watch us and listen to the unmistakable music the radial engine makes, and the rapping the propeller makes as its tips break the sound barrier. The Harvard is a significant airplane in our Canadian heritage; we are honoured to demonstrate it.

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Rocket man: Sherwood Park man builds his own jet car

Wallis Snowdon · CBC News · Posted: Jul 05, 2016 10:16 AM MDT | Last Updated: July 5, 2016

'Sleek in cherry red and chrome, with two Rolls Royce jet engines under the hood, she will run at 14,000 pounds of thrust, and burn through 400 litres of jet fuel in two minutes flat.

And its estimated top speed? A white-knuckle, G-force inducing 650 kilometres per hour.

Insanity may be the world's only twin-jet powered super car, McQueen said.'

Insanity Jet Car

Big Air Insanity FMX

World Stunts Freestyle Motocross

Riders will launch an awesome air assault for the spectators to enjoy as they jump their motorcycles from a mechanical take-off ramp and soar 85 feet in the air to a mechanical landing ramp.

11 Columbus, GA - Motorcycle Jump over Airplane.jpg

The Manhattan Dolls originated in New York City in 2009 and are swing-style female vocal trios with the sound of The Andrews Sisters.  Started by former USO Girl, The Dolls travel the world performing for military events, air shows, award ceremonies, parades, jazz clubs, concert series, you name it! 


They have been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, BBC Radio London, Fox and Friends, LX 4 NY, The Tucson Morning Blend, Cincinnati Local 12 and more.  They have had the pleasure of performing with famous bands including The Jive Aces in the UK, The Cotton Candies in France and The George Gee Orchestra and The Stan Rubin Orchestra in NYC. 

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Manhattan Dolls Tucson Logo Black BG.jpg
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