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Trinity Body Art

Face Painting - Free

Twin Jet Powered Car - Ryan McQueen

Insanity...... That pretty much sums up how most people view builder/driver Ryan McQueen these days, but there is more to the story of this car.


Insanity is a one of a kind, home built creation of Ryan McQueen. The dream of running one of the most unique jet cars ever built began way back in 2004 when Ryan was at a national drag racing event in Edmonton, Alberta.  He witnessed the awesome power of an F-4 Phantom jet powered big rig and it was that race that changed his life forever.  The very next day, ideas were written down and the beginning of the world’s only twin jet powered supercar had begun.  With a dream and almost no knowledge of how to build such a car, Ryan would Google, YouTube, talk to anyone he could who knows anything about these things, and learn the skills necessary to complete the project. 


Ryan then began creating the shape of the body out of wood, styrofoam, fibreglass and body filler, that eventually lead to a 7 part mold.  He then laid up the fibreglass body, sourced out and rebuilt a pair of jet engines, taught himself how to tig weld, and fabricated the chassis.  The dream was well underway. 


Ryan has become friends with many people in the jet car community and attributes some of his success to Information they have shared and the opportunities he has had to crew with them. In addition, Ryan McQueen has partnered up with the R.C.M.P. Youth Initiatives and Education in Lifestyle Driving (Y.I.E.L.D.) police street legal racing program to help in educating that racing on the street is not the place. The project took a very long 12 years to build, but Ryan McQueen, along with his VERY understanding wife and two wonderful kids are happy to announce that Insanity will finally be hitting the runways and drag strips very soon

Fun facts about the car:


  • Modeled after a Ferrari Enzo

  • Amazing onboard light show

  • Stretched to a 130” wheelbase to fit the engines 

  • 21 feet in length and 94” wide

  • Holds 400 litres of jet fuel (an average car can go to Las Vegas and back on 400 L)

  • Burns all 400 litres of fuel in about 2-1/2 to 3 minutes

  • Car weighs 3,800 lbs without fuel an driver

  • Engines in full afterburn produce nearly 14,000 lbs of thrust

  • Approx. 18,000 horsepower (or the equivalent of 39 Corvettes)

  • Estimated top speed at over 400 mph. (Which would be driving from Edmonton to Calgary in 24 minutes)

  • 6 g’s of force under acceleration

  • Negative 5 g’s of force as soon as the stopping parachutes deploy

  • Two 16’ ring slot parachutes and 4 wheel disc brakes for stopping


Rabid Rabbit Ride Truck

Monster Truck Ride - $10/person

Tim Sackman had always dreamed of Monster Trucks. For his day job Tim is a welder, but in his spare time he has done everything from racing trucks at the track, to building scale wooden replicas of anything with wheels (from bobcats, to motorcycles and big rigs). Then one day Tim and his brother John decided to think BIG. They had the great idea to build a monster truck from scratch. The truck took a total of 3 years to complete. The truck was built using the body of a 59 Chevy, and other odds and ends from a Thunder Truck that Delayne used to race.


Black Swan Helicopters Ltd

Sightseeing Ride - $60/person

Black Swan Helicopters.jpg
Black Swan Helicopters_rides.jpg

Static Display - More to come

Canwest Air - Air Ambulance Display

APL Ambulance Display

Erickson Collection

Pipistrel Alpha Trainer - AEROSPORT Flight School

PA32- Turbo Piper Saratoga

McQueen Motor Sports Twin Jet Car

STARS Air Ambulance

RCMP Helicopter

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Canadian Air Search & Rescue (CASARA)

High In The Sky Drone Services

Tweety Treats Food Vendor

Grub Hub Food Vendor

Bumble Bee Ice Cream

Bhagvan's Dairy Cream - Ice Cream Truck

Dot's Donuts

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