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Peace Regional Airshow Association becomes a Society and host its first air show - Details to be confirmed


Society is revived after few years of break - Details to be confirmed


In 2009 the Nation celebrated 100 Years of Powered Flight and the people of the Peace Country were the recipients of ICAS Marketing Competition Awards for the Peace Regional Air Show 2009 event “Imagination Takes Flight – A Century Later”.

Powered flight added a dimension for use in exploration, not only in northern Alberta, but worldwide. Those who chose or were bidden, as in 1941 Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee, Jr. No. 412 squadron, RCAF so eloquently wrote about slipping the surly bonds of Earth. 

{ Inventors, designers, manufacturers, mechanics, pilots, ground crews and more, who believed in the viability of such means of travel, deserve our applause. The Peace Regional AirShow Association honors the memory of our aviation pioneers in Canada. It may have begun in eastern Canada, but it winged the Canadian skies to the Peace Country.}

The Committee had the privilege to provide this auspicious opportunity to showcase and share this aviation heritage we enjoy.


In 2014 the show was back with a fairly all new committee.


In 2016, we had a specific goal: re-start a family tradition


First Fly-In BBQ


First Air Fair

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