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Ticket info coming soon

 ADMISSION FEE: Advance    At the gate

Adult Weekend General Admission        N/A               N/A

Adult 1 day General Admission         N/A               N/A

Child (5 year old or younger)        Free              Free


Event Agenda

Saturday July 22, 2023

Coming soon


Sunday July 23, 2023

Coming soon

*Start time could be earlier depending on weather and other factor. Plan to arrive early and you won't miss anything!

**The order of the performances can change as it is decided on the day of the event by the Air Boss.



We love Mother Nature - (however, she's been known to have a tantrum or two.) You should know that all performers have high, low and flat shows that can accommodate for different kinds of weather.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer ticket refunds. Rest assured, though, that our Air Event is a rain-or-shine event. If the performers aren't pulling Gs and twisting through the air, they'll be onsite sharing stories of aerobatic awesomeness with you.

Rain or Shine, it doesn't matter.  IF . . . again IF . . . the weather prevents air show flying (don't forget performers have maneuvers packages that facilitate their demonstrations in flat, high and low shows).

Please don’t rely on the weather forecast to help you make up your mind.


Cancellation of the Air Event should occur for any reason such as, but not limited to: Acts Of God (rained-out, floods, strong winds, weather systems, etc.), Terrorism Threats, Strike, etc., NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED

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